Service & Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts provide same day response for services from Printers to PCs and Servers to the IBM AS/400 and include a dedicated systems engineer and full parts availability.

Time and Materials   

Onsite or remote support from qualified engineers for intermittent needs such as hardware repairs, connectivity issues and network troubleshooting

Managed Services   

Onsite and remote support for entire IT infrastructure and includes a dedicated engineer familiar with your account with same day response

Block Time  

Ideal plan for companies that have intermittent and diverse IT needs that require multiple technical competencies and can arise unpredictably and require quick and expert remediation.  This is a  plan offering significant rate discounts depending on the hours committed to.   This is a priority plan regarding response times to the customer.  A great plan for small businesses  that don’t have an IT technician on staff but requires familiarity with the account and quick response.  This plan is also good for larger companies’ needs for roll outs and other special projects or just to backup existing staff.

Backup Solutions   

We offer many options to assure that your data is secure due to hardware/software failure, natural disasters or other occurrences including remote backups and cloud services.

Preventative Maintenance   

This service allows us to be proactive in heading off future hardware failures and helps maintain the quality of the performance of your systems and printers.

Cable & Wiring  

Besides having several cable crews to enhance the IT Infrastructure by running Cat5, Cat6 and Fiber Optics cabling, we also trouble shoot and repair existing environments when connectivity issues occur.  We also extend demarcs and can clean up, test and label existing data and phone cabling  to organize the infrastructure and make future trouble shooting simpler.

Wireless Solutions  

We can easily bring wireless connectivity to your business complex

Free Consulting    

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your technology needs. We offer free first visit consultation from either our marketing or technical staff to discuss any IT questions or issues you may have.

Third Parties Welcome  

We work with numerous National and Regional service providers and maintenance companies