AS-400 Repair & Service - New Orleans

The AS/400 or iSeries is widely installed in large enterprises at the department level, small corporations, government agencies, and almost every industry segment.
BeneCom Technologies provides you with value of Multiple Operating System support, which provides you the flexibility to select the right operating system and the right application to meet your needs and is designed to help you simplify your IT environment and broaden your application choices. 
BeneCom Technologies has an outstanding portfolio of software solutions with support of i5/OS on Power processors and even Windows applications via System x and BladeCenter integration, 'the system i family' offers the broadest choice of applications available on a single system.

The “i” in iSeries has always meant for integration. The design of IBM iSeries integrates the components necessary to support robust business computing components such as the operating system, middleware, database management, application servers, security and more. Businesses are using iSeries systems to integrate multiple computing environments and simplify their entire IT infrastructure.